Please make sure that your address is provided accurately and has all pertinent and/or necessary information to guarantee that your order is delivered appropriately within the time frames. For timely delivery, it is essential to use the relevant acronyms, street numbers, building or apartment numbers, and route details (if applicable). If the address supplied is wrong or entered inaccurately at the time of purchase, we are not liable for lost, misdirected, or erroneously delivered items.

Shipping costs and schedules:

Please be aware that depending on the shipping method and US destination chosen may take anywhere from 7 to 14 business days to arrive from the date of shipment, not always from the date of order.

You will receive an email with tracking details as soon as your order ships.

Most destinations will be shipped by USPS or UPS for domestic and international orders. At our sole discretion, we may choose different carriers to fulfill your delivery needs.

After filling all the required information at checkout, the total cost of shipping will be calculated based on the Destination.

Delivery Guidelines:

To be eligible for a store credit or reship, you must notify us if your package is lost or missing within 30 days of the delivery date. Packages that the carrier reports as "Delivered" are not guaranteed by DSKK Blade, and each case will be evaluated individually.

Claims for Delivery:

Packages that the carrier reports with the status as delivered are not allowed to be refunded by DSKK Blade. When a package is confirmed as delivered by the carrier to the given address, we do not allow credits or refunds on those orders.

  •  We'll help you cooperate with the carrier to finish the claims procedure. 
  • Please be aware that, depending on the shipping company chosen, processing claims may take up to 30 days.

 Items Out of Stock

If you place an order for more than one item and one or more of them are out of stock, we'll still ship the remaining items and refund your original payment method for the out-of-stock item(s).

Shipment-related reserved rights

Our priority is to ship the items based on your shipping and billing preferences, DSKK Blade reserves the right, if we are unable to verify or Validate shipping address provided by customer, we request to use "common" shipping and billing address to protect our customers.

Furthermore, DSKK Blade maintains the exclusive right to restrict, reject, and/or cancel client orders at any time for the following reasons:

  • If a address has a history of irregular or excessive returns pertaining to things that have been worn, altered, laundered, damaged, or missing, or Possible fraudulent or illegal activities.
  • Similar to the other measures mentioned, DSKK Blade maintains the right to restrict, reject, or cancel the order if Shipping address is not verified.